Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a large enterprise to use your services or solutions?
Any organization large or small can use our services.  We offer a variety of solutions to meet different needs, environments and budgets.
How will I know if your solution will work?
Over the last 14 years we have compiled a large database that contains over 8000 devices, phones and various projects.  Chances are that your system, platform and/or phones are contained in our database.  Additionally, US-based clients tend to use similar types of platforms within offices, call centers,  teleworking or financial institutions which allows us to match the correct technology for users in virtually any working environment. We also provide outstanding technical support and deployment services to ensure that all our solutions are properly implemented with your users.Save
We have tried multiple solutions with hearing impaired workers with no success.
Many of our clients come to us as referrals from other clients who have face similar challenges.  The fact is that although many devices, apparatus and software exist to serve workers with impairments a large portion of them are designed for consumer applications rather then business applications.  Furthermore the few business applications that are used today are not transferable to different environments or job functions.  Our interests are to serve our customers and not a specific vendor and are able to offer a variety of solutions regardless of your existing platform, device or systems.
Can I upgrade after deploy your solution?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after deployment. Over the years customers change, merge or get rid of there communication systems and often this only requires small configuration changes.

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